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Using ExFolders to set Exchange 2010 Calendar Permissions

Exfolders is a replacement for the tool PFDAVAdmin which is no longer supported with Exchange 2010. Microsoft have dropped WebDav in Exchange 2010 and replaced it with Exchange Web Services (EWS).

The utilities are practically identical gui wise, and the following method of setting permissions works with both Exfolders and PFDAVdmin so this covers Exchange 2003 / 2007 / 2010.

Scenario 1
Give a user permission to access all calendars. In this example Reception need to be able to edit all calendars.

Scenario 2
Giving User1 access to User2’s calendar.

As you can see, Exfolders/PFDAVadmin are perfect for quickly modifying calendar permissions.


  1. Is this easy to install? I don’t want to break anything.


      January 26, 2015 at 6:05 pm

      Exfolders is very easy to run, you don’t really need to install it. Simply copy the executable into the correct folder and run/import a registry file. Refer to the readme.txt or see below:


      – ExFolders must be run from an Exchange Server 2010 machine with the Microsoft Exchange Active Directory Topology service, which means it will not currently run on a tools-only install. This might change in the future.
      – ExFolders.exe must be placed in the server’s Exchange \bin folder. If you try to run it from anywhere else, it will simply crash.
      – This build is not signed. In order to allow it to run, you can import the included .reg file on the server where you want to run the tool or run “sn -Vr ExFolders.exe” (using the 64 bit version of the SN tool) to allow it to launch. If you don’t, it will crash. To read more about the SN tool, please go here:

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