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SCCM 2012 – Stop “Your Computer is About to Restart”

So… I popped onto a server the other day to check something and I see this in the corner. Your computer is about to restart. xx:xx:xx remaining before your computer restarts automatically. Your computer must restart to complete the installation of applications and software updates.


Not good! It’s the middle of the day, on pretty much the busiest month of the year so I need to find a way to stop this. Dug around and couldn’t find any clean documented way of suppressing the reboot so had to get dirty.

I fired up Process Explorer with the long shot of finding the process that was counting down and automating the restart. Luckily I see SCNotification under CcmExec and kill it, the countdown and tray icon disappear and I go and make myself a coffee. Good job Tom…

As it happens the process just respawned and the countdown continued. In the end I had to kill the SCnotifications process and pause CcmExec, which worked.


CcmExec is now paused, so you will want to schedule a reboot. Expect to see a few of these in the event log until you do:



  1. Great tip! It worked, but I also had to cancel the scheduled reboot by typing “Shutdown -a” in a command prompt.

    So after reading this, I searched for a way to suspend the process from the command line, and found a nice program called pssuspend.exe (also from sysinternals). I made a small cmd-script that automates the job:

    taskkill /F /IM SCnotification.exe
    pssuspend.exe CcmExec.exe
    shutdown -a

  2. If you use a notebook, you can also put it into the presentation mode.
    This would prevent any activities related with the softwarecenter, if the box in the software center is checked.


      May 26, 2015 at 8:39 pm

      Thanks Jadlin, good to know. It’s the bottom option here for those unsure…

  3. Hi All, for me a simple “shutdown -a” in an elevated command prompt helped already, 2mins later it is still showing 00:00:00 (screenshot below)! ^^ =)

  4. Awesome, thank you.

  5. Have you noticed any problems caused by doing this? For example I forgot to resume the CcmExec.exe process and then tried to suspend the PC and caused a system hang

  6. The easiest way I found is to do this is to open services.msc and stop SMS Agent Host

  7. Stopping the ccmexec (SMS Agent) service doesn’t work. Something will re-start it shortly after and you will get a hard restart with no warning *as soon as* the service restarts (assuming count-down would have expired).

    I guess pausing the service’s process is different. It’s still running just not being given any CPU cycles to run commands. Will try that next time… Forced restarts are absolutely unacceptable for most users.

  8. Had the same issue and just used shutdown -a to abort the shutdown (Windows 10). The Software Center prompt counted till the end and stopped at 00:00:00, like in the movies, but nothing has happened. Hope this helps.

  9. I used the Right Click Tools cancel pending reboot item. It only worked when the counter was at the last 15 minutes though. I am guessing SCCM starts the timer at whatever your client setting is set for reboots, but doesn’t initiate the shutdown timer until 15 minutes. At that point i was able to cancel and the timer just stuck at 00:00:00 like Roman stated.

  10. “and pause CcmExec”
    I was not allowed to pause in process explorer until I restarted process exp in “run as administrator” I then ran the 3 dos prompts from Joel above. Everything looks fine.

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