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Over the last couple of years I’ve started listening to more technical Podcasts. This initially stemmed from having to do more housework (!) but has spread to longer commutes or trips, especially in the car. I find it’s a great way, without having to pay too much attention to keep up to date with various topics and news.

I listen to a small handful of Podcasts regularly, so go and check them out.

Security Now
Windows Weekly
This Week in Enterprise Tech
Runas Weekly
Portforward Podcast

I tried a couple of Android applications to automate the download of new episodes without much success until I stumbled on a recommendation for Pocket Casts. It currently costs £1.99, and it’s the best Android application I’ve found for the job. I’ve set it to automatically download when a new episode is released and to only keep the last 2 episodes. You can also set the episode updates to occur only when using WiFi, which is great for those with more restrictive data tariffs.

Have a podcast to recommend? Please use the comments below.

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  1. I’d recommend having a look at

    It’s a great Infosec based podcast done by Patrick Gray.

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