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Group Policy – Removing Internet Explorer Maintenance Settings

In the last few posts we’ve looked at moving away from Internet Explorer Maintainence within Group Policy as it has been deprecated from Internet Explorer 10 and above. There are two clean methods to remove these settings from Group Policy, the first is simply unlinking the GPO that has been configured with these settings. However if you have configured IEM within your Default Domain Policy or another GPO that you’d like to continue using, you are able to remove any settings configured with Internet Explorer Maintenance by right clicking and choosing Reset Browser Settings.

Removing Internet Explorer Maintenance Settings


  1. That’s great, but this MS kb says you may still have to edit it manually or make a new GPO without the IE settings and swap them.

  2. was what I needed as I didn’t have a version of IE that allowed me to still see the IEM settings to remove them. Worked great.

  3. Hi
    Consider switching from hard coded proxies and bypass lists to a Auto detected proxies instead. Better for laptops and other mobile devices that need proxy config to change often.

  4. But what if you want to keep the policy and only get rid of the IEM settings… and your domain is 2012 level, so IEM isn’t there to right click?


      July 14, 2015 at 7:51 pm

      Take a look at Karl’s post a little further up, which links to this Microsoft KB:

      Failing that you can manually delete the IEAK folder within SYSVOL for the relevant policy (\\\SYSVOL\\policies\{UID}\User\MICROSOFT\IEAK) – Not that I would typically recommend doing it that way.

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