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Get Default Gateway from List of Remote Servers


Find the default gateway on a list of remote servers.


Create a textfile with a list of servers you would like to query, use a new line for each server. If you have an OU of servers you would like to query you could use the following to create a text file with all computer accounts within an OU (requires Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell).

Get-ADComputer -LDAPFilter "(name=*)" -SearchBase "OU=Servers,DC=domain,DC=local" | Select -expand name | Out-File -Encoding utf8 "\\server\share\Servers.txt"

This would create a textfile with every computer account in the “Servers” OU on domain.local.

I tend to put a “dummy” line at the top of the text file as PSEXEC has issues with the first entry.

List of servers to obtain default gateway

Now use PSEXEC to execute the following, don’t forget to run the command prompt as administrator (using an account with the required permissions on the remote servers).

psexec @c:\Serverlist.txt ipconfig /all | findstr "Default Gateway Host" >> c:\Servergateways.txt

PSEXEC Command

…and here’s the final result.

Output text showing host name and default gateway


  1. Thank you, this saved me a lot of time.

  2. Three years later, still very useful. I found that we have some VM’s with inconsistent gateway configurations, this saves me a lot of time.

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