Sky LLU Broadband

I can confirm the Draytek 2830 works with Sky’s LLU service. Sky’s DSLAM and routers use the Broadcom chipset whereas the Draytek runs an Infineon Chipset- I’m finding sync speed is pretty much identical to the standard Sky router and have seen no stability issues. Sky don’t allow you access to your username and password, which I find pretty ridiculous and have personally heard of a few cases where the provided router has failed and they’ve had to wait x weeks for a replacement instead of popping out and buying a new router, inconvenient to say the least. There are methods of gaining these details but they do break Sky’s terms & conditions. Here are the settings I used with success:


Bandwidth Limiting

There are two main methods for limiting bandwidth, you can limit per SSID or per IP(range). Per SSID will limit the entire SSID to a particular speed, whereas limiting per IP you can choose from shared or per IP which seems like the more sensible option. Both methods work as described and are great in a guest wireless situation.

Wireless Rate Control

Per IP
IP Control Bandwidth

Final Comments

The feature list of this router is pretty impressive, I was also able to connect a printer via the USB port to share, set-up VPN for remote support and various other helpful bits and pieces you won’t normally find without spending a little more. At £220 or so and with it’s feature set I can see it fitting well into a small office environment.