I’m going to cover two types of notifications.

The standard Windows notification

Disabling the standard Windows printer balloon can be done via the registry. Create a .reg file with the following and save it as Disable_Balloon.reg:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


You can download a pre-made .reg file here.

Then create a .bat file with a link to the UNC path of the .reg file:

@echo off
REM Remove Printer Notification Balloon
regedit /s "\\fileserver\share\Printers\Disable_Balloon.reg"

You can download a pre-made batch file here.

The registry settings are applied to the current user, so you’ll want to add the batch file to the user configuration within the GPO.

HP Print Notifications

HP are kind enough to provide a HP Printer Administrator Resource Kit which includes .ADM and .ADMX administrative templates for disabling these notifications.

HP Printer Administrator Resource Kit

Once you’ve downloaded the .zip you will find the ADM(X) files in the hp-upd-park-1.4\active directory administrator template folder. Head over to the GPMC and add this administrative template under the user configuration.

Enable the Status Notification Pop-ups Properties item and set the Printer Alert Notification Settings to disabled.

Both of these methods have been tested with Windows XP and Windows 7.