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Issues with HP P4010 P4510 Drivers Printing Duplex


  • Print server running 2003 R2
  • Windows XP SP3 Clients
  • Printer deployed via VBS script + GP (as shared printer)
  • HP LaserJet P4010_P4510 Series PCL 6 Driver


  • Not printing Duplex from most applications even when Duplex printing is selected in the options


  • Use HP Universal Drivers

This resolved the duplexing issue, but introduced some other oddities. Printing took considerably longer and Manually Feed Mid Weight A4 was appearing on most print jobs. When installing the printer(s) I had followed the usual process and just selected the .inf when prompted for a driver.

The correct method for installing HP Universal Print Drivers (on the print server)

  • Make sure SNMP is enabled on the printer
  • Run the install.exe within the HP Universal Folder
  • Select Traditional Mode
  • Install Printer normally

HP Universal Driver Install

After this method was followed everything settled.

… but I still hate printers.

Free VMware E-learning Course – Transition to ESXi Essentials

VMware are offering a free self paced 3 hour e-learning course on ESXi. If you complete the course and answer a quick survey they’ll even give you a free E-book version of “VMware ESXi: Planning, Implementation, and Security”.

Sign up here: Free VMware elearning course

The course consists of five modules:

Transition to ESXi Overview provides an overview of why a transition to the ESXi hypervisor is necessary and addresses questions that customers might ask before transitioning to ESXi.

Compare and Contrast VMware ESXi and VMware ESX discusses what is different between the ESXi and ESX architectures.

Install and Configure VMware ESXi discusses the prerequisites for the ESXi installation, describes the installation process, demonstrates the configuration steps and migration process to help with planning a smooth transition to ESXi.

Script Interfaces and Command Line Tools discusses about the various scripting interfaces and command line tools available for VMware ESXi. You will also learn about how vMA can be used to run scripts or agents that interact with ESXi without having to explicitly authenticate each time.

Performing Management Tasks discusses simplifying ongoing management tasks of ESXi hosts and this can achieved by recognizing the hardware monitoring options, remote management of distributed datacenters, saving log files for troubleshooting and compliance, and managing the security of the ESXi hosts.

Free Google Apps to Host Your Domain Email

Google provide a free service for hosting up to 50 email accounts 10 email accounts (lowered May 10, 2011) for your custom domain. Once setup the users can log into Gmail with and as you know Gmail works great on any android/iOS device.

Not many people seem to be aware of this service, so I thought I’d put it out there.

Google Apps is fairly straight forward to setup, firstly you need to verify you are the owner of the domain.

Once that’s verified it’s as simple as pointing your MX records to google and setting up your users.

Google Apps MX Records

Hot Swapping UPS Batteries is Great, Except When it’s Not

A UPS battery fails, oh well we have a spare and these things support hot swapping. Heck, I can even do this live in the day… isn’t technology great.

Hot Swap UPS

Oops, seems the cable was snagged on some internals and upon removing the battery decided to clean cut through it! Luckily the power was still flowing to the attached servers and I could cleanly power them down.

So what did this teach me? I hate electricity and things sparking at me… and maybe next time I’ll cold swap.

mRemoteNG – Multi-tab Remote Connections Manager

mRemoteNG is a fork of mRemote with some additional bug fixes and new features. If you’re like me you’ll enjoy this tool, I’ve been using it now for a little over a year and I find it very worthwhile.

Protocols supported: RDP / VNC / ICA / SSH / Telnet / HTTP(s) / Rlogin / Raw.

The configuration file can be password protected and exported / imported, great if you would like to distribute a set of connections to your team.

MRemote Screenshot

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