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Exchange 2013 – Accessing the Exchange Admin Center

When you install Exchange 2013, you’ll notice that the console you’d expect to see has been dropped in favour of a web-based management console. This can be found here:


This URL isn’t presented in the start menu/modern UI or particularly obvious after the installation. If you’re setting up a greenfield environment the URL above should get you straight to the new Exchange 2013 Admin Center.

I don’t see the 2013 Exchange Admin Center when I browse to ECP, I get redirected to the old Exchange 2010 ECP page

Exchange 2010 ECP
Exchange 2010 ECP

There is a caveat if you are coexisting with Exchange 2010, if this is the case you will have to specify the Exchange version in the URL to get to the Exchange 2013 Admin Center:


Exchange 2013 Admin Center
Exchange 2013 Admin console

Exchange 2013 – Send As, Send on Behalf and Full Access

Configuring send as, send on behalf and providing full access to a mailbox are fairly common requests. In Exchange 2010, you could set the send as and full access permissions by right clicking the user in the Exchange Management Console under recipient configuration and mailbox. Send on behalf required you to dig a little deeper into the configuration, and head into the users properties, mail flow settings tab and delivery options. In Exchange 2013 they have moved these options into a single location, which seems sensible. We’ll look at how to achieve the above with the GUI and Powershell in Exchange 2013.

With the GUI

Open EAC (Exchange Admin Center), browse to recipients, select the user you would like to grant the permission for and click the pencil to edit. In this example, I would like to grant Branch Warren the right to send as Ronnie Coleman so we select Ronnie and choose edit.

Exchange 2013 Admin Center

Choose the option mailbox delegation at the bottom and add the user you wish add the permission to. In this example, we want to grant Branch Warren the right to send as Ronnie Coleman.

Exchange 2013 Send on Behalf


Send on Behalf – This will grant Branch send on behalf permissions for Ronnie

Set-Mailbox ronnie.coleman -GrantSendOnBehalfTo branch.warren

Send As – This will grant Branch send as permissions for Ronnie

Add-ADPermission ronnie.coleman -ExtendedRights Send-As -user branch.warren

Full Mailbox Access – This will grant Branch, full access to Ronnie’s Mailbox

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity ronnie.coleman -User branch.warren -AccessRights FullAccess -InheritanceType All